Benefits of using eSortcode makes your customers happy!

Keeping your customers satisfied with your product or service is must.   If your customers are unhappy, they won't just leave you but will leave you for your competitors. Our service ensures you can provide the best possible experience and validate details, avoid payment delays and eliminate failed direct debits, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Reduce delays and avoid bank charges

Validate bank details at point of entry ensures you cut administration costs and avoid bank changes from failed payments. Most, if not all, UK banks will levy a charge if a direct debit or standing order is submitted with invalid account and sort code information. It is also important to send the completed forms to the correct address so that they get processed in a timely manner.  

We make happy employees and more productive

An extensive study into happiness and productivity has found that workers are 13% more productive when happy*.  Making sure your employees bank account details have been checked before submission ensures their salary payments are paid on time.  

* The research was conducted in the contact centres of British telecoms firm BT over a six month period by Jan-Emmanuel De Neve (Saïd Business School, University of Oxford) George Ward (MIT) and Clement Bellet (Erasmus University Rotterdam). 

Real-time account validation

Checking UK sort code and account numbers instantly against the most up to date information makes your business operations more efficient and productive.   With the move towards real time data and online systems, having the correct information entered at the start of the process ensures an increase in the overall efficiency. 

Bank details validation and identification

With you can identify which payment schemes are supported at a bank and branch level and we can assist in identifying Direct Debit, FPS, CHAPS and CC&C payments. You can also lookup bank and branch name, address info, BIC code information instantly using our powerful online web services.

Lowest cost access to the EISCD database in the UK

As a customer of eSortcode, you get instant access to our online portal where you can perform direct validation on account numbers or use our self-service bureau services.  eSortcode is the most cost effective solution currently avaiable in the UK and we are a fully authorised Vocalink distributor of the EISCD data extract file. 

Online Sortcode Checker and Bank Validation

Our automated online software provides real-time payment validation for bank accounts and sorting codes.   Our secure web services as some of the most robust and reliable in the industry.