Account Validator

Why Validate Account Numbers against their Sorting Code?

Validating the sorting code and account details of transactions has many benefits including helping to reduce the number of transactions needing returned.

For instance, Account Validation allows originators of transactions for the BACS clearing service to validate the account details quoted in their payment instructions before submission.

This validation saves time and money because it significantly decreases the number of eroneous transactions.

What is Modulus Checking?

To ensure the validity of Account Numbers for a sorting code the financial institutions use modulus checking methods and these methods differ from instititution to institution.

Why use eSortcode?

The ValidateAccount method of the eSortcode.com web service encapsulates these Modulus Checks and updates these checks whenever any changes are made by the financial institutions.

Below are the Institutions covered by the eSortcode.com ValidateAccount method.

Abbey, Alliance & Leicester, Allied Irish, Bank of England, Bank of Ireland, Bank of Scotland, Barclays, Bradford and Bingley Building Society, Citibank, Clydesdale, Co-operative Bank, First Trust, Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds TSB, National & Provincial Building Society, NatWest, Nationwide Building Society, Northern, Royal Bank of Scotland, Ulster Bank, Woolwich, Yorkshire Bank

Note: accounts of institutions that are not covered by this document should be assumed to be valid.

Note: If the modulus check shows the account number as valid, this means that the account number is a possible account number for that sorting code but is not necessarily in use.

Credit Card Validation

Why Validate Credit Card Numbers?

Validating Credit Card Numbers has many benefits including helping to reduce the number of transactions that need to be returned by the payment service provider and if payment is to be taken offline at a later time.

This validation saves time and money because it significantly decreases the number of eroneous transactions.

Not only that, but eSortcode.com can also determine the type of card that is being used from the credit card number and therefore reduces potential input errors.

Why use eSortcode?

The ValidateCreditCard method of the eSortcode.com web service encapsulates the validation and return of the card type in a single operation.

This service uses Modulus checking and validates the card agains a list of Bank Identification Numbers (BINs) ensuring that card details are captured accurately and with minimum of effort on behalf of the end user.

eSortcode Validates the following Card Types

MAESTRO (Includes Switch and Maestro)
VISADEBIT (Includes Delta)


Branch Details Lookup

Why look up Branch Details?

The industry sorting code directory (EISCD) is a database of information about all the bank/building society branches and bank offices that participate in one or more of the UK clearings systems:

  • BACS - Bulk electronic clearing
  • CHAPS Sterling - High value, same day sterling payment clearing
  • Cheque and Credit Clearing - Cheque clearing for Great Britain & Northern Ireland.
  • Faster Payments Service - near real time electronic credit clearing

These details allow users to find out which transactions are allowed at particular branches.

For a list of the EISCD fields (including faster payments service) and a full specification visit EISCD Specification.

Why use eSortcode?

The ExtendedBranchDetails and ValidateGetExtendedBranchDetails methods of the eSortcode.com web service encapsulate this process removing database management and update overheads from the user.


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